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Milla Jovovich / Милла Йович

Milla Jovovich / Милла Йович

Аватар: Milla Jovovich
Добавлен: 1 октября 2007 года
Просмотров: 3855
Комментариев: 3
Категория: Лица

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replique bague or et cartier diamant   8 марта 2017 года

cartierbraceletlove Please provide better education to internal medicine doctors and make insurance cover the expensive treatment of chronic Lyme and it?s co-infections. Completely remove the IDSA or allow the scientists and Lyme specialists to rewrite it. Also the mental health community needs to be educated about systemic bacterial infections because I know from experience that they are extremely dangerous to those with Lyme like infections because they have a confirmation bias to diagnose them as psychiatric illnesses. I suffered for years and almost died several times while the entire medical community was trying to lock me up in mental hospitals. Now I am disabled and have a tube in my heart because of all the damage the infections did to my nervous system and organs. A serious problem I encountered was that no one would even test me for Lyme and its co-infections. They say thing like there is no such thing as chronic Lyme. They are not only wrong but are also dangerous. Almost every doctor I talked to kept talking about chronic Lyme not existing yet I had never been diagnosed and treated. They seemed to not be able to comprehend that if you don?t treat Lyme at all then it won?t just go away by itself. I was not treated for about ten years. By the time I found a doctor to test me, I had about ten different bacteria in my blood and many had gotten to my nervous system. My neurologist thought I was developing ALS. I was dying. For doctors to claim that I didn?t have a life threatening systemic bacterial infectious because they heard chronic Lyme didn?t exist is insane. I was never treated and almost died from all the bacteria. It ruined my life. I was the top scientist in my class as well as a professional athlete and I had served for 5 years in the USMC. Now I can?t even take care of myself because of the incompetence of the medical community. * *

Masha2009   30 января 2009 года

Мила здесь сама на себя не похожа,но чувственные губки!!Это что-то

Solo   10 мая 2008 года

Ааа...ава просто супер. полуоткрытый ротик очень соблазняет.
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